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Free Books » Muller, George » Jehovah Magnified & Other Addresses

Chapter 2 - An Address at Salem Chapel, Bristol upon the Death of Henry Craik Jehovah Magnified & Other Addresses by Muller, George


An Address at Salem Chapel, Bristol, on Monday evening, February 19, 1866. The first prayer-meeting Mr. Muller attended after the death of his fellow-labourer, Mr. Henry Craik.

We miss our beloved brother Craik, and it is right that we should miss him, The godly aim of our lives should be that when we die we may be missed. My soul longs for grace so to live, so to walk, so to act, that when my course is finished, I may be missed, I may be greatly missed. It becomes every one in the body of Christ, every member in the body of Christ, to aim after this; that when their course is finished they may be missed. If our beloved departed brother were not missed, we should have great cause for weeping, great cause for sorrow; but because he is missed, we have great cause for giving thanks, great cause for praising God for the grace that was given to him so to live, so to walk, so to preach, and so to act, as that now he is gone he is missed. Well, then, let us ask ourselves individually, suppose this were my last night on earth, suppose I should not have to stay another day here, would my brethren and sisters in Christ miss me? How deeply important it is that we should so walk, so act, and so pass through this world, that when we are gone we may be missed. If when gone, we are not missed by the saints, it is a plain proof that we have not been strengthening their hands in God, it is a plain proof that we have not been ministering to their spiritual profit, that we have not been helping them forward in the things of God. If we take our place, though we may not be preachers, though we may not be pastors, though we may not be holding any public position among the saints,: yet if we take our place as members in the body of Christ, and act according to the place the Lord has given us, and walk graciously according to that place, when we are gone we shall be missed, we must be missed. After this we all have to aim. Let each one take away with us to-night this godly purpose, that by the grace of God, from this evening and henceforth, it shall be my earnest prayer, my constant aim, so to live, so to walk, so to carry myself, that when I am gone I shall be missed.